Ensure Service With Technology
Service is the eternal theme of enterprise."TN Elevator" greatly emphasise service as the basis of business development.
TN Elevator will serve the clients through the entire process of selling and marketing. Besides, we provide 24hours on-call service for attend breakdown and trained technicians provides on call 24-hours a day breakdown services and product recall service.  
We advocate new idea: “Ensure Service with Technology” and cooperate with China Mobile, make use of GSM communication platform to realize the remote monitor for elevator, and the system can real-time supervise elevator operation state. When fault of elevator occurs, the systems will automatically sane text messages to mobile phones of appointed management and maintenance personnel or computer terminal and it can record actual arrival time and leave time of maintenance personnel. Additionally, the system realize the remote debugging, assist onsite person to analyse the fault of elevator, so as to quickly and accurately find and solve the fault, and thus, “Ensure Service with Technology” is really done for client, and the elevator is always put into protective state perfectly.  
Maintenance Service  
Maintenance service of TN ELEVATOR considers not only the routine secure operation of your elevator, but also its long term operation through providing free service hotline and elevator monitoring service, achieving the real zero distance service and maintain your building’s vitality.  
We are providing with complete and perfect technical service system and run by professional maintenance engineers.  
01 Maintenance engineer who takes over elevator from installation engineer should make a systematic and overall inspection on the elevator immediately to ensure the installation quality.
02 The company follow in conjunction of safety operation rules and safety management system and send maintenance engineer periodically to train maintainers in terms of safe work education, operation skills, safety and service performance to standardize the maintenance process and improve efficiency and ensure the future maintenance quality.
03 Maintenance engineer will periodically fill out Table of Repair and Maintenance Period and inform you of our elevator warranty and complaint hotlines. Upon any call for repair, the maintenance engineer will immediately go to the site and settle your trouble within 12 hours in this region and not more than 2 days out of this region.
04 We will provide return visits for all Sanei elevators twice a year for learning about your demand and providing better service items.
05 Maintenance engineer adheres to the principles of satisfying customers’ demands, dealing with customers’ suggestions quickly and effectively and rendering services sincerely at all times.
Modernization makes an elevator and escalator safer, more efficient and more attractive. As a result, you may preserve or increase the value of your building by gaining a more modern image and quality.  
We can provide you with an made-to-measure modernization solution and even modular in nature. To achieve overall benefits:-  
- Achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and safety delivered by today’s new elevators.
- The passengers’ experience improves as well, through reduced waiting time, better comfort and improved reliability – all leading to in confidence and greater peace of mind.
- Systematically focus on specific aspects of your equipment that require attention, as well as to control the investment cost.
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